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Frequently Asked Questions

What standard colors are available?

All items are available in a black, white or bronze FencCoat™ powder-coated finish. A gold color is also an option for Finials, Ball caps and scrolls.

Can I use Jerith Fence as a railing?

NO! Our products are designed to be fences, not railings. They have not been tested to meet railing codes and we will not warrant their use as such.

Are line posts included with the sections?

No, all items are sold separately so you only need to order the parts you need for a particular job.

Are caps included with the posts?

Standard post caps are included in the price. Decorative ball caps are also available for an additional charge. Their prices can be found on the each check out price sheet.

Are the sections and gates assembled?

Almost all fence sections and gates are shipped fully assembled. Certain styles require finials and/or loops to be installed in the field.

How tall is the actual fence?

Except where it is noted, the fence height shown is the actual length of the pickets. The post usually extends an inch or so above the pickets.

What is the post spacing?

For Residential Strength fence, the spacing is 72-1/2" from center of post to center of post. For Ovation and Regency, the spacing is 72". For Industrial Strength, posts are spaced 71-1/2" on center(Call for Pricing).

Are latches and hinges included with the gates?

Self-closing and self-latching hardware are included in the gate prices, except for our Estate Gates prices which do not include hinges. Gates over 60" wide come with hinges, but they will not be self closing.

What size gate opening do I need for my gates if they are mounted on wood or aluminum posts?

Our swing gates are sold by their opening size, so a 48" opening between post. The gates will hang flush with the face of the hinge post and latch onto the face of the opposite post.

How do I make a double-drive gate?

Any two gates can be combined to make a double drive gate. When you need a double drive gate, notify us via email or call 800-878-7829 and a customer service person will include two drop rod assemblies at no charge. Double gates are also made to fit a given opening size, so a 12' double drive gate will fit inside a 12' opening.

What if the gates are mounted onto the middle of brick columns?

For a single gate only. You will need to allow 1" extra to attach the latch keeper onto the column. (So a 48" gate needs a 49" opening.) Let our Customer Service Representative know when you are ordering a gate for this type of installation, and they will supply you with a small piece of aluminum channel to attach the keeper to the middle of the column. For large industrial gates, you will have to cut off one side of the hinge to mount it on the column.

What is the largest gate you make for a particular style?

The largest gate price shown on a style's price list is the widest gate that we build. If you need a bigger gate than what is listed, you may have to order an Industrial Strength gate for the job, since they can span the widest openings.

Can I order special sized gates?

Special width and/or height gates are available. We need the exact opening size to fabricate the gate correctly. To calculate the cost for a special width gate, use the price of the next widest standard gate and add $100 per leaf. Special height gates (up to 6' wide) are priced as the next tallest gate plus a $125 charge per leaf. These costs are cumulative, so a 59" wide x 45" tall gate would cost $225 more then a 60" x 48" gate.

Do I need gate posts on both sides of a gate?

Yes, heavier posts are needed to both support the weight of the gate and withstand the constant impact when the gate latches.

When do I need top use 4" or 6" gate posts?

The size and weight of a gate determine when you need to use these larger gate posts. All gates over 24 square feet need 4" posts, especially when an operator is placed on the gate. Consult the individual price sheets to see if you need a 4" post for smaller gate or when a 6" post will be needed. We do not punch 4" or 6" posts. Instead, we include wall mounts to attach the rails of the fence to these posts.

How far can the fence rake (or rack)?

Most sections of fence can rake about 12" over their span. (Some styles move more or less than 12". Check the individual price sheets for differences.) If you want to fallow a steeper slope than this without stepping the fence, you need to order a "double-punched" section. The square holes in these rails are about twice as wide as in a standard real to allow for greater picket movement. Consequently, there sections can drop about 36" over their length. The additional charge for this modification is $15 per section. Order only the quantity of these special panels as your job needs.

Can Jerith Make special fence designs?

We can manufacture special height and/or custom designs that are based upon modifications of standard Jerith Design. Each project must be priced individually, so call our Customer service department for a quotation. In general, the setup fee is about $1,000 and is not subject to any discounts.

What is I need a special post?

Specially punched posts can be fabricated for an additional $20 per post. A sketch is required before these posts can be made. If you need a standard pattern on a longer or shorter post, there is only a $5 charge as long as the pattern begins at the top on the post (for example: a 58" post punched for 48" high fence).

Can I use a 2 1/2" Posts with my residential/
Ovation/Regency fence?

To do this, you must order blank (unpunched) Posts and attach the rails of the sections to them using the appropriate wall mounts.

Can I get touch-up paint to match the factory Finnish?

We supply a small bottle of touchup paint with most orders to cover minor nicks and damage that may occur in-transit at no charge. There are also cans of spray paint available for purchase. Do not use these air-dry paints to cover large areas because they will weather and fade at a deferent rate then our fenceCoat powder-coated Finnish. We do NOT guarantee these paints for this reason.

Are special colors available?

Yes, as long as you order at least 160 sections of fence. Since we have our own powder-coating line, we can offer a variety of pre-formulated colors. The additional cost for a special color is 35% of the gross material price plus a $500 setup fee. No discounts apply to this custom coating fee. Since there colors have not been tested for the same durability of our standard colors, we limit our warranty on special colors to 5 years. If a pre-formulated color does not meet your needs, we can custom match any color for a additional charge. Call our Customer Service Department for a quote. To maintain optimum Production of our Standard Colors, custom colors are only coated from October though march.

How do i attach the fence to a column (or the house)?

Use wall mounts to fasten the rails of the fence to a column. Wall mounts are small aluminum castings which go over the end of a rail and have holes to attach them to a flat surface. there are two types of wall mounts. The standard ones attach straight onto the column, while our adjuatable ones will allow you to come off the column at up to a 45° angle. Wall mounts can also be used on posts when you need to follow an unusual angle or if you are stepping the fence sections rather than raching them. Stainless steel fasteners must be used with these castings.


What should the spacing be when I am installing between columns?

The maximum distance detween columns is the standard post spacing times the number of sections between the columns minus the width of one post. For example, if you want to space your columns so the three residential sections fet between them, take 3 times the post spacing of 72 1/2" minum one 2" post:

(3 x 72.5") - 2" = 215.5" or 17' 11 1/2" between columns

For industrial strength fence this opening would need to be": (3 x 71.5) - 2.5 =212 or 17' 8" between columns

How do I attach the fence to the deck or pool?

To fasten posts to a concrete slab, we always recommend that you core drill the concrete. If this is not feasible, then you may be able to use our deck mounts. These two-piece aluminum castings fit inside the bottom of a post and secure to the post though the expansion of the two pieces by tightening a bolt. Since deck mounts fit inside posts, fence styles with bottom rails may not work properly since the rails will be in the way. you must supply four stainless bolts to attach the deck mount to the concrete itself. DO NOT USE DECK MOUNTS ON FENCES TALLER THEN 4' HIGH OT FOR GATE POSTS! THEY WILL FAIL!

Can I get a scalloped sections?

You can purchase the components for this design and do it yourself. Irder "undrilled" pickets in your standard lengths and use standard rails. Then you can assemble the parts however you would like. For gates, order standard gates and replace the pickets to match selection.



Our pledge is to find the best shipping charges and call you with shipping quote before we process any orders. Free shipping available on most aluminum fencing orders; please call 1.800.878.7829 to see if you qualify!