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FencCoat - Powder Coated Finish

Jerith's technologically-advanced powder coating system allows us to produce a high quality, long-lasting finish which is also environmentally friendly. When applied to a Jerith fence, FencCoat is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic (or "wet paint") finish. Consequently, it is far more durable, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant than other coatings.

Since its introduction in North America almost 40 years ago, powder coating has become the fastest growing finishing technology. Powder coating contains no solvents and therefore emits negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into the atmosphere. Wet paints, however, cause severe pollution, both through the emission of VOC's when they are cured and by the generation of excess paint which is considered a hazardous waste. In addition, Jerith's aluminum is prepared for its FencCoat finish with an environmentally safe pretreatment, unlike most wet paints.

To prove the durability of our powder coating, we have tested it extensively. FencCoat endured 3,000 hours of harsh salt-spray and humidity resistance, as well as 5 years of continuous exposure in Florida. Other aluminum fence manufacturers have performed similar tests on their own coatings, yet they only survived 1,000 hours of salt-spray and humidity testing and 1 year of Florida exposure (as stated in their literature). That is why we are confident enough to guarantee that our FencCoat finish will last for as long as you own your Jerith aluminum fence.

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