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Keypad Entry Systems
Keypad Entry Systems
Discount Fence Supply, Inc. carries a variety of keypad entry systems. Whether it be a 1 code American Access Keypad to a 480 code Linear Keypad with push button entry capabilities we have it all.
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American Access
Digital Keypad Low Power

Need an inexpensive keypad? Look no further than the Advantage DKE series. The 26-100L features 500, four digit user codes, a fully programmable personal master code, latch code and night light.

Digital Keypad Low Power

Digital Keypad Low Power, Stainless steel face plate and metal keypad offer extra strength and help protect against vandalism

Digital Keypad Advanced

The AdvantageDK is the Most Popular line of digital keypads manufactured by American Access Systems. All models are available with 1,000 four digit user codes, latch code, sleep code, 3 strikes-your-out security, 2 relays and a external input.


Linear Access
Digital Keypad entry Systems
Linear's AccessKey digital keypad entry system is an excellent way to control access at a single entry point for facilities with up to 480 users.
Radio keypad entry Systems

The Linear AKR-1 is a digital keypad entry system that includes a built-in radio receiver. It allows use of up to 480 block coded transmitters, in addition to 480 traditional keypad entry codes. Users can be assigned either type of code for system access.

Remote Access Radio Receiver
For sites that have a single entrance of gate, the AP-5 is the ideal wireless-based access control system. It can be used to remotely activate devices such as gate operators, door strikes, or door operators.
Wireless Keypad
The MDKP Wrieless keypad can transmit a unique signal for each 1-6 digit PIN code entered. It has a built in radion transmitter with a 250 foot range in line-of-sight conditions.
Interior Keypad Entry System
Linear's AK-2 digital keypad entry system is an excellent way to control access at a single interior entry print for up to 480 users.
F310 Digital Keypad
The Digital Keypad can be easily installed as a wireless or wired keypad. It can be programmed to use up to twenty-five different personal identification number (PIN) codes.
Interior Keypad Entry System
This gooseneck mounting plate for the GTO F310 is a one of its kind mounting plate. It enables the F3100/F310 to be mounted to a gooseneck stand.
The 721H5 is a self-contained stand alone single entry proximity access control system.

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