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GTO Transformer

The GTO Transformer

RB419 14 volt AC continuous cycle duty for PRO 2000/SL1000   Call For Pricing

RB421 12 volt Transformer for Bulldog Lock  Call For Pricing

RB570 Transformer 40 va, 18v for Pro 2000, SL2000 Call For Pricing

GTO Batteries


BATTERIES All GTO Low Voltage Automatic Gate Openers are powered by a 12 volt DC/7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable maintenance free battery. The life expectancy of these batteries is 3-5 years. Replacement batteries are available. 
RB500 Rechargeable gel battery Call For Pricing

The Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock is powered by a 12 volt/1.2 amp hour sealed, rechargeable maintenance free battery. Battery life is 3-5 years.
RB422 Bulldog rechargeable gel battery Call For Pricing

Power Cables for Automatic Gate Openers

Power Cables

Available to for the GTO/PRO SL1000 series operators:
AC202- 60' Power Cables  Call For Pricing

Power Cables: These cables allow you to mount the control box farther away from the gate. These longer cables are available in lengths of 25 ft., and 40 ft.
Low Voltage Wire for automatic gate openers

GTO Low Voltage Wire
RB509 GTO Low Voltage Wire Call For Pricing
GTO Low Voltage Wire is required for wiring the GTO Automatic Gate Opener to the AC Transformer. It is also necessary for connecting some accessories such as the Push Button Entry Control and the Digital Keypad (wired option). This wire is 16 gauge, dual conductor, multi-stranded, and is ready for direct burial.

This is the only wire recommended for use with GTO products. This 16 gauge, PVC sheathed wire will enable the transformer to provide an adequate charge to the control board from as far away as 1000 ft.

Do not use telephone wire or any solid core wire; this wire does not work as well as the multi-stranded and can cause the opener to go into low voltage lockout. Never splice wires together. Splicing will seriously reduce the wire's ability to carry an adequate current and it provides a weak point for corrosion.

FM122 5 Watt, 300ma
FM123 10 Watt, 600ma

The GTO Solar Panel is a solar battery charger for the GTO Automatic Gate Openers. The Solar Panel is necessary for gate opener installations more than 1000 ft. from an AC power source, or where solar power is preferred. A Five (5) Watt Solar Panel (19 3/8" x 8 1/2") and a Ten (10) Watt Solar Panel (19 3/8" x 15 1/4") are available from GTO. These solar panels come with everything you need for installation including 8 ft. of low voltage wire.

There are a number of factors which determine the number of solar panels you will need, such as: the weight of your gate(s); the amount of sunlight the solar panel will receive; the number of operating cycles per day; and the number of gate opener accessories. The 10 Watt Solar Panel (available through PRO dealers only) should be used with the GTO/PRO 2000 (2200) and the GTO/PRO-SL-1000 (1200) systems.

The map and table illustrate the maximum number of cycles per day to be expected in a particular area, using either one or two solar panels. The figures shown are for winter (minimum sunlight) and do not account for any use of accessory items (accessories draw additional power from the battery).
GTO Solar Zone Map

Solar Zone Chart


automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers

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