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Eagle-1000-FSC Residential Slide Automatic Gate Operator
fail Secure Residential Slide Automatic Gate OperatorFail Secure Residential Slide Automatic Gate Operator

The Eagle-1000-Fail-Secure is designed for 22' long and up to 500 lbs at a speed of approximately 12" per second. Because of the operator's "Fail- Secure " feature, a supplied crank is used to manually open the gate in a power outage.

The dimensions for the Eagle-1000 are 14" (W) x 16" (D) x 22" (H).

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Eagle-1000-FSC (includes photo eye)

Eagle-1000-Fail Secure Features
Diamond Control Board - The unique Diamond board uses state of the art technology combined with easy of use to provide many exceptional new features that cannot be found on any other board.

2 Wire Maser/Slave - The Diamond board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires.

Motor Brake - If the on position is selected, the gate will stop instantly when it reaches the limit switches. This is essential on uphill/downhill applications and on all Fail Safe operations.

One Pass - This tailgating feature works with the reverse loop to allow only one car to pass. After the car passes the gate closes instantly, if a second car approaches the gate stops, and resumes closing once the car has left.

Stop-Reverse - This radio feature allows the transmitter to work as a three-button station and is useful for partial opening. The first command opens the gate, the second stops the gate, and the third command will close the gate.

Timer - The adjustable timer can be set from 1 to 60 seconds, with a maximum run time of 60 seconds.

Overload - If the motor reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, it will automatically shut down.

Receiver - The receiver terminal is mounted on the control box for easy installation and is pre-wired for a 3-wire or 4-wire receiver.

Stainless Steel Access Door - Offers full access to the control board through the locking stainless steel door.

Gate Opening - Can operate to either the left or right side.

ERD - If the gate hits an obstruction while closing, it will re-open. If it hits an obstruction while opening, it will stop, reverse 6 inches and stop again. The sensitivity is adjustable separately for the open and close cycles.

Global Inputs - The Diamond board's Global Inputs include key switch, keypad, exit loop, phantom loop, reverse loop, edge sensor, open, stop, and close.

Outputs - Outputs include on board 24 VDC for MAG Lock, alarm, and 24 VAC auxiliary power.

Safety Alarm - If the gate hits an object twice while closing or opening, the system will shut down for 5 minutes. On the Diamond board you have two options for reset mode. Selecting the off position will require a manual reset of the board if the previous happens. However, by selecting the on position, the system will automatically reset itself.

120 VAC Power Outlets - The operator contains two 120 VAC Power Outlets for the users convenience.

Power on/off Switch - The operator has an easily accessible power disconnect switch that allows for easy installation and service.

No Pinch Arm - This safety features prohibits the arm from extending past the operator's body when the arm is in the fully extended position.

Warranty - Five Year residential use.

Eagle-1000-FSC Specs
14" (W) x 16' (D) x 22' (H)
Shipping Weight
80 lbs
Gate Travel
speed = 12" per second
22' and 500 lbs
Power Supply
1/2 HP, 115 VAC at 60HZ
5 years

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